Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy La Befana Everybody!

And you thought the holidays were over. Here in Italy they don't end until January 6.

La Befana is Italy's good Christmas witch! She comes down the chimney of the little bambinos and leaves them treats

The legend goes that the three wise men stopped at Strega Befana's house on their way to Bethlehem and she showed them such gracious hospitality they told her where they were going, and asked her to come along. She declined at first."She said 'I'll catch up with you' and she never has caught up," Scudelletti-Alabbas says. "She is still looking and she is stopping at every home to see if the baby Jesus is going to be at that home."According to some versions of the story, on her original journey La Befana had gathered up some toys that belonged to deceased child and she was trying to take the toys to Bethlehem. Since she never got there, she was never able to catch up to the three wise men, she leaves toys for children in every home she visits. Word has it that La Befana likes a spot of brandy and wouldn't turn down a glass left out for her. It's a change from milk and cookies but it hits the spot for a witch, huh!

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