Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mozzarella Bar is Genius!

It construction began in 1386, has 3,500 statues, and is the third largest church in the world, It's the Duomo of Milan!

There is plenty to do inside, including a museum, but what I recommend the most is to go up to the roof. The view is great and you can see the spires and statues up close.

After exploring the Duomo and seeing an art exhibition by Peter Greenaway which is a lighting show set to music on a large Da Vinci Last Supper, (very moving), We then had a lunch at the Obika Mozzarella Bar. Yes, that's right a buffet of all different types of mozzarella from all over Italy. Yum. There was also soups and salads etc.
Milan takes a lot of flak from the Italians for not being a very beautiful city compared to maybe Venice or Florence. It's true that during the war Milan was heavily bombed and lost many of its splendors. And surrounding the city is a concrete jungle of ugly outdated apartment buildings covered in graffiti but the historical center is full of things to do and see. Besides the Duomo there is a castle, football stadium, shopping, outdoor antique markets, museums, a plethora of art shows and galleries, restaurants, international bookstores, the American Consulate, modern coffee shops, parades........

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